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Jim Henderson, CISSP, CCISO - NITSIG Founder, Chairman

CEO of Insider Threat Defense, Inc.

Insider Threat Program Development - Management Training Course Instructor

Cyber Security - Information System Security Program Management Training Course Instructor

Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessor & Mitigation Specialist


  • Mr. Henderson is the CEO Of Insider Threat Defense and has over 15 years of hands-on experience in;

    • The the development, implementation and management of complex Enterprise Cyber Security-Information Systems Security Programs, Information Assurance Risk Management Programs and Insider Threat Programs for the DoD, National Level Intelligence Centers, U.S. Government Agencies, State Governments, large and small businesses.

  • Mr. Henderson developed and currently teaches the Insider Threat Program Development - Management Training Course

  • Insider Threat Defense has provided training and services to 500+ organizations; U.S. Government Agencies (Department of Defense, Intelligence Community), Defense Contractors, NCMS Members / Chapters, Defense Security Service, Critical Infrastructure Providers, Aviation / Airline Industry, Spacecraft Manufacturing-Launch Providers, Technology Companies, Banking - Financial Industry, Health Care Industry, and other large and small businesses.

  • Mr. Henderson previously worked for the DoD Insider Threat Counterintelligence Group (ITCIG) (Contractor), as an Insider Threat Security Analyst. The mission of the ITCIG was to help the DoD design an Insider Threat Program Framework.

  • Mr. Henderson had the unique opportunity to review and analyze how DoD and Intelligence Community (IC) Agencies developed, implemented and managed their Insider Threat Programs, even before National Insider Threat Policy (NITP) was released. NITP requirements were built off of existing DoD and IC Agencies Insider Threat Program Frameworks.

  • From his extensive experience with the DoD ITCIG, this enabled him to design and develop a comprehensive, structured and resourceful Insider Threat Program Development - Management Training Course, that meets and exceeds NITP and NISPOM Conforming Change 2 requirements.

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Contact Information

Jim Henderson
888-363-7241 / 561-809-6800


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Mike Miller - NITSIG Co-Chair

Forcepoint Senior Principal Consultant
Consulting Services, User And Data Security

  • Mr. Miller is the Co-Chair for the NITSIG.

  • Mr. Miller has played a valuable role in Insider Threat Program Development and Management across the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense.

  • Mr. Miller previously served as the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President in charge of all Insider Threat Programs at Tanager. In this role, Mr. Miller’s helped establish Tanager as a respected, award-winning Cyber and Insider Threat mitigation service provider, both regionally and nationwide. Mr. Miller was  responsible for all Tanager Insider Threat Program contracts across the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, Federal agencies and commercial sector.

  • Mr. Miller was the Insider Threat Program Manager for Tanager’s Insider Threat Program. He was responsible for developing a robust Insider Threat Program consisting of a Concept of Operations (CONOPS), User Activity Monitoring (UAM) and data correlation / link analysis solution for protecting Tanager’s employees, data and customers.

Contact Information

Mike Miller


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Dr. Robert Gallagher - NITSIG Board Member / Scientific Director
Senior Partner / Director Of Psychological Consultation And Training
Guardian Defense Group

  • Dr. Gallagher has extensive experience exploring the human side of espionage and insider threat. As a licensed psychologist, former military intelligence officer and counterintelligence special agent, he has had the opportunity to study and apply his knowledge of human dynamics in an array of settings. He has supported both offensive and defensive intelligence / counterintelligence, SOF and cyber operations. Additionally, he has personally participated in hundreds of strategic and tactical military and intelligence operations on six continents.

  • Prior to joining the private sector Dr. Gallagher served as:

    • Chief of Behavioral Sciences at the Defense Counterintelligence and HUMINT Center

    • Founder of the prestigious National Security Psychology Symposium

    • Chief of Enterprise Screening at the Defense Intelligence Agency

    • Counterintelligence Psychologist with the Office of Security at the National Security Agency

    • Special Duty Screener, with the USAF and Air Intelligence Agency

  • Dr. Gallagher is a Senior Partner with Guardian Defense Group (GDG) and Director of Psychological Consultation and Training. GDG is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business consisting of a unique blend of operational psychologists and former Special Operations operators supporting the counterintelligence, security and behavioral science needs of public and private sector clients.

Contact Information

Dr. Robert W. Gallagher


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Shawn Thompson - NITSIG Board Member / Legal Advisor

Insider Threat Program Legal Consultant  / Lawyer (Corporate Legal Services)

Insider Threat Management Group, LLC

  • Mr. Thompson has over 15 years of experience investigating, prosecuting, and managing insider threats. He is widely recognized for his insider threat expertise and unparalleled  scope and breadth of experience.

  • Mr. Thompson has;

    • Successfully prosecuted numerous economic espionage cases.

    • Successfully investigated several high profile insider threat cases.

    • Provided expert assessments and briefings on insider threats to the highest levels of government.

    • Been a pioneer in the field of insider risk management.

    • Deep knowledge of  how to properly assess insider risks and create and manage insider threat programs.

    • Been an experienced trusted broker having advised both government and corporations on how to effectively prevent, detect, and mitigate insider threats.

  • Mr. Thompson has served in numerous high profile positions:

    • Chairman, Insider Threat Mission Group, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

    • Insider Threat Program Manager, United States Department of Defense

    • Special Assistant United States Attorney, United States Attorney's Office

    • Senior Litigation Attorney, United States Department of Defense

    • Assistant General Counsel, FBI

    • Special Assistant United States Attorney, United States Attorney's Office

  • Mr. Thompson has been involved with creating and managing Insider Threat Programs for numerous federal agencies. His work with the National Insider Threat Task Force led to the creation of the National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Agencies.

  • Mr. Thompson is a Lawyer and also an active member of the Maryland Bar providing corporate legal services pertaining to employee investigations and security program creation.

Contact Information

Shawn Thompson

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Warren Holt - NITSIG Board Member / Technical Director
Technical Director, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) For Aveshka, Inc.

Mr. Holt has over 20+ years of Cyber Security and 12+ years of Insider Threat Program Development experience supporting the federal sector; while at the same time he has been providing pro-bono consulting guidance to private industry to include academia at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Mr. Holt recently transitioned from his government position as the Division Head for Assessment & Validation for the Office of Naval Intelligence. His track record of mitigating data loss and mission compromise is well known and highly respected throughout the Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD).

Mr. Holt is well known within the DoD and IC specifically for his experience in; Computer Network Defense, Security Control Assessments, Risk Management Framework (RMF), Complex System Requirements or Cross Domain Solutions, Security Engineering, Vulnerability Assessments and Insider Threat Program Creation & Implementation.

One of his highlights was when he was the Technical Director for the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES). He led this $2B+ project that consisted of 12 direct reports and over 200 personnel cross-functionally and cross culturally; ensuring precision, synergy, accuracy, and full cyber security compliance utilizing a transformational Risk Management Framework (RMF) strategy.

As a trusted practitioner and thought provoking leader, Mr. Holt’s “Sphere of Excellence” areas of experience are: Cyber Security, Risk Assessments, Data Loss Prevention, Project Leadership, Security Engineering, Relationship Building, Stakeholder Engagements, Organizational Leadership, Information Assurance, Security Protocol Governance, Compliance & Regulations and Cross Cultural Communications.

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Warren Holt, CISSP


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