NITSIG Workplace Violence Prevention - Active Shooter /  Assailant Response Workshop


Due To Unfortunate Past - Recent Active Shooter Incidents,

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Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory,  Laurel, Maryland

October 23, 2017



Workplace Violence Incidents On The Rise
Unfortunately very disgruntled employees "Insiders" and others have resorted to workplace violence, in some cases resulting in the deaths of innocent coworkers.


According to the FBI, over the last few years there has been an increased frequency of workplace violence incidents


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has reported that approximately 2 million employees are victims of workplace violence each year. 18% of violent crimes are committed at the workplace, and roughly 800 workplace homicides occur each year. Between January 2009 and July 2015, there were 133 mass shootings in the workplace and shootings account for 78 % of all workplace homicides.


The NITSIG has complied information from various incidents and sources pertaining to the seriousness of workplace violence, in the Workplace Violence E-Magazine.


An organization that ignores the warnings signs could face legal action, a large settlement and possible fines.

Family Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Labor Department For Failing To Warn Security Guard Of The Disgruntled Ex-Employee Who Fatally Shot Him


Jury Awards Over $1 Million In Negligent Hiring Lawsuit Involving Workplace Violence


Hospital Faces Over $200,000 In OSHA Penalties For Workers Exposed To Workplace Violence


Active Shooter incidents and Acts of Terrorism have also taken place at Universities, Schools, Shopping Malls, Movie Theaters, Night Clubs and numerous other places were large groups of people assemble.



Workshop Overview

The NITSIG has partnered with Law Enforcement (Maryland State Police), OSHA, Maryland Emergency Management Agency  and  and other Workplace Violence Prevention experts to provide a 1 day training workshop for security professionals and others interested in implementing a Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter / Assailant Response Program.

Workplace Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Response require advance planning and training for security professionals, and are the keys to maximizing the safety of your employees.

Workshop participants will gain valuable in-depth knowledge about workplace violence, including legal issues, prevention, intervention and response.


Speakers / Topics Of Discussion

Workplace Violence Prevention Program
Presented By:
Brett Beall, Compliance Assistance Specialist - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Presentation Overview:

  • Workplace Violence Overview (Threats, Verbal Abuse, Physical Assaults, Homicide)

  • How To Recognize Workplace Violence Indicators

  • Employer Responsibilities By Law To Provide A Safe Workplace

  • Employee Rights

  • Implementing A Workplace Violence Prevention Program

  • Reporting An Unsafe Workplace To OSHA



Active Shooter & Hostile Incident Response
Presented By:
TFC Travis Nelson - Maryland State Police Law Enforcement Liaison, Maryland Emergency Management Agency / State Emergency Operations Center (Bio)

Presentation Overview:
This presentation will review the interdisciplinary response of Fire, EMS, Police and Emergency Management to an active assailant or potentially volatile incident. It will review security and safety concerns on scene and how to quickly access patients while the incident is evolving. The course will examine methods on how to integrate all partners necessary to plan and manage the incident. There will be an informal discussion on available equipment, implementing state guidance locally and how to begin planning.




Conducting A Physical Security Vulnerability Assessment For Crime Prevention And Personnel Protection

Presented By: John Reginaldi, Regional Liaison Officer - Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) (Bio)

Mr. Reginaldi has conducted over 2,000 comprehensive security and safety vulnerability assessments throughout the United States for school systems, industry, businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations. He also has worked within the private security industry and the Intelligence Community at the National Security Agency (NSA) and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Presentation Overview:
This presentation will cover the many aspects of creating a secure facility for crime prevention and personnel protection, using environmental design methods and a variety of security controls and techniques. A recent vulnerability assessment will be discussed.



Workplace Violence Prevention And Planning
Presented By
: Steve Rutledge, President & Chief Operating Officer, SJR Security Consulting Services, LLC (Bio)

Presentation Overview:
This presentation will address the issues surrounding workplace violence, as well as steps companies / organizations can and should take to implement robust Workplace Violence Prevention Programs. Also discussed will be the inclusion of potential workplace violence prevention and planning efforts within Insider Threat Programs.



Using A Collaborative Risk Management Approach To Address And Mitigate The Threats Of Active Shooters, Terrorism And Workplace Violence
Presented By
: Kiernan Group Holdings (KGH)

Presentation Team:

  • The Presentation Team consists of two KGH Senior Instructors: Danny Hickson, a retired Washington Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Commander and Director of Training, and Dorian DeSantis, a retired SWAT Officer, both of  whom were involved in responding to the Washington Navy Yard Shooting in September 2013.

  • A third member of the team is Dr. Joshua Sinai, a KGH Senior Analyst, and author of ASIS International’s publication “Active Shooter – A Handbook on Prevention” (2nd Edition, May 2016).

  • A fourth Team member is Jeff Fuller, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces Lt. Colonel, a KGH partner, who has extensive experience employing risk management methodologies and software tools, who had supported the Joint Staff’s JSIVA and the U.S. Coast Guard’s Maritime Security Risk Analysis Models.

Presentation Overview:
This presentation focuses on using a collaborative approach to risk management to address the threats of terrorism, active shooters, workplace violence, ‘insiders’, and criminal activity. This includes threat and risk analysis followed by risk mitigation steps. The presentation will also discuss a number of processes and tools, including online collaborative tools, to support risk analysis and risk management efforts.  Also discussed will be how risk mitigation strategies and measures support compliance with federal and industry regulations and standards.



Active Shooter Response System
Presented By: NEP3

Presentation Overview:

  • NEP3 will discuss the Virtual Command technology solution for "Live" Active Shooter situations. The system connects the protected site to a E911 center via a Virtual Private Network. At the E 911 Center, there will be two or more tactical work stations that feature a Graphic User Interface (GUI) that provides attacker alarm notifications, and real-time actionable intelligence (Electronic Sensor Data & Video), to locate the attacker (s), acquire subject description and then to track the subjects.


  • A unique feature of Virtual Command is the ability to enable to "Countermeasures" at the GUI to slow down or cause the Intruder abort his attack. Live demonstrations have shown an attacker can be located, tracked and “Virtually  Engaged” within 90 seconds. This corrects the major advantage a Shooter has today. This is the 3-6 minutes of unimpeded shooting prior to the arrival of Law Enforcement.


  • These Countermeasures when activated can completely obscure the shooter's vision and cause disorientation. This buys the critical minutes needed to get Law Enforcement into the building already knowing exactly where the shooter is located.


  • The Virtual Command System was featured on the NBC Today Show, as providing the ability to create the Safest Schools In America. (Video)

The State of Indiana has just approved a law to set standards by which all public schools will be protected. The Indiana Sheriffs spearheaded the effort to pass legislation that would recommend all schools be protected by an Emergency Response System that would connect schools to a E911 Center for alert, actionable intelligence, and the capability to remotely fire countermeasures. These capabilities are synonymous to those in Virtual Command.




Employee Continuous Risk Monitoring
Presented By
: Endera

Presentation Overview:

  • Endera provides an affordable employee continuous evaluation and risk alert security platform. Endera addresses the Post-Hire security gap by providing government and private sector businesses with automated risk alerts paired with a security analytics platform.

  • Endera scans over 26,000 federal, state, and county data sources to proactively alert organizations to potential high-risk individuals within their workforce for further investigation. Endera monitors for "Risk Alerts" pertaining to a variety of different attributes including criminal, civil, sanctions, / professional licenses, etc.

  • An organization will receive alerts in real time when a potential negative record has been discovered about an employee. All monitoring is continuous and organizations have complete control over what they want monitored.

  • Endera leverages external behavior data to expose Insider Threats and applies risk scoring and predictive analytics to help proactively identify and prevent potential workplace fraud, theft and workplace violence.

  • A large global airline enrolled 60,000 employees into the Endera system. Endera detected over 1,771 incidents of critical concern to the airline in just  the first 120 days. This included over 100 bookings and arrest alerts that called for further investigations.
    (Case Studies)



Workshop Details


Who May Attend?

NITSIG Members  / Non-NITSIG Members

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8am To 5:00pm




Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory  (JHU-APL)
11100 Johns Hopkins Road
Laurel, MD 20723-6099
Parsons Auditorium / Building 1
Room S124

JHU-APL Campus Map


Parking Available On JHU-APL Campus. Parsons Auditorium is located in Lobby 1. Enter the campus from Johns Hopkins Road onto APL Drive. You may park in the lot on your left labeled for visitors, adjacent to Lobby 1. You will enter the building at Lobby 1.


You must be a U.S. Citizen to attend this event. A valid Drivers License or U.S. Government issued ID is required at the door.



Cost To Attend / Registration

The cost to attend the workshop is $30.00


Registration Link

Limited # Of Tickets: 130


Lunch is available in the JHU-APL cafeteria. The cafeteria is located directly outside the Parsons Auditorium. Surrounding food establishments are within 5 minutes of JHU-APL.


Please send any questions about this event via email to;
Or call; 561-809-6800




OSHA Workplace Violence Presentation

MEMA Physical Security Vulnerability Assessment Presentation

Insider Threat & Workplace Violence Prevention & Planning Presentation

KGH-Pathway To Violence Model Presentation

KGH- Law Enforcement Response To Active Shooters Presentation

KGH-Using A Collaborative Risk Management Approach To Address And Mitigate Workplace Violence Threats

Endera Employee Continuous Monitoring Service Presentation







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